‘The Purge 4’ Producers Brad Fuller & Andrew Form Give Update on the Sequel and TV Series

     October 24, 2016


The Purge business is a good business to be in. What started with a micro-budget, high-concept home invasion movie has blossomed into a three-film franchise, the last of which, The Purge: Election Year arrived over the summer to become the highest-grossing to date. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the creative team behind the films is keen to keep ’em coming.

With Ouija: Origin of Evil arriving in theaters this weekend, Steve recently sat down with Platinum Dunes producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form for a wide-ranging interview, and he took the opportunity to get some updates on the status of future projects, including The Purge 4 and the possibility of a TV series.


Image via Blumhouse

While doing the press rounds for Election Year, Purge creator James DeMonaco, who wrote and directed all three films, revealed he was keen to take his concept to the silver screen with a 10-episode TV series. But for now, there hasn’t been any active development on that front, though Fuller says they’re definitely interested.

We keep reading on your site and other sites that there’s going to be a Purge TV [show], but until we hear that, that’s something that is out there, but in terms of us being actively involved in that, that hasn’t happened yet. We’d love to make a TV show about The Purge.

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