Director Gareth Evans Says Don’t Expect THE RAID 3 “Anytime Soon”; 2018 or 2019 Release at the Earliest

     January 20, 2015


Filmmaker Gareth Evans burst onto the scene in 2011 in a big way with the Indonesian martial arts thriller The Raid.  The picture’s insane set pieces and choreography announced Evans as a talent to watch, but instead of subsequently signing on to direct a superhero movie or franchise sequel, Evans barreled forward with the action-filled sequel The Raid 2.  That film opened in theaters last year to plenty of critical acclaim, and since Evans has been planning The Raid as a trilogy for a while now, fans are no doubt curious if he’ll repeat himself and put The Raid 3 together as quickly as he did The Raid 2.

Unfortunately, that does not appear to be the case.  Evans took to Twitter this evening to address a fan’s inquiry about The Raid 3, revealing that follow-up likely won’t come to fruition for at least three years.

Here’s what Evans had to say about when we’ll see The Raid 3:


Evans has certainly had his ideas in place for The Raid 3 for a while now, previously saying the film will begin two hours before The Raid 2 ends.  But as with any project, things can change, and Evans himself admits that the script is not yet written.  Moreover, The Raid 2 only managed to gross half as much as the first film in domestic release, so it’s possible that The Raid 3 may just not be financially feasible.

With the director resigned to take a bit of a break from The Raid, he’s currently turning his attention to the gangster film Blister, which he previously described as his take on the American gangster story.  That film is with MRC and will shoot in the U.S. (he’s in the midst of location scouting at the moment), but he’s also developing a heist picture at Universal that will shoot in the U.K.  He’s no doubt in demand at plenty of the major studios (he was on the shortlist to direct The Equalizer), and so I’ll be interested to see if he takes a stab at another studio film after Blister or if he returns his focus to The Raid 3.


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