‘The Returned’ Season 2 Trailers Tease Haunting Aftermath of Season 1 Finale

     August 12, 2015


For those who have been (rightfully) bemoaning the cancellation of A&E’s The Returned, the American remake of the sublime French series The Returned (Les Revenants), may find some respite this fall. Sundance announced recently that The Returned Season 2 will be premiering on the channel this fall, around the same time that the series will return to television in its native country. The details of what might be happening in the wake of the deeply unsettling  Season 1 finale have been kept largely mum and the recently released teaser trailers for Season 2 have not been much more helpful in piecing together what will be happening in the small French town as Season 2 begins.


Image via Sundance

As those who are familiar with either the original series or the American remake will attest, the series’ story centers on a group of long-dead denizens of a small town returning to their place, unaware of how they came back or for what purpose exactly. This led to a myriad of emotional reunions and some awfully eerie moments of bloodshed, revenge, and tremendous guilt. Season 1 ended with a handful of revelations concerning where these people belong but much of this utterly distinct show remains a mystery, especially when many of the titular group found themselves wandering off with others of their kind. Expect no more clearer answers from Season 2 but plenty of more rattling moments that reinterpret matters of life, death, time, and devotion in particularly resonant ways. Prepare to be creeped out.

Check out both a domestic and a handful of foreign teaser trailers for The Returned Season 2 below: