THE ROAD Gets Pushed Back…Again

     September 9, 2009

The Road movie image Viggo Mortensen - slice.jpg

Yesterday I wrote about how I feel really bad for “The Green Hornet”. If there is one other film that I feel just as bad for, it’s “The Road”.  The film has had a long journey, just like it’s two lead characters, to getting to the theater.  Things were finally looking good for the film but now we get news that the film has now been pushed back (again) to a November 25th release date.  I don’t know what the Weinstein brothers are thinking with this plan but you can read why this might be terrible for the film when you hit the jump.

So, whats up with this new release date? Maybe a late November release could mean that the Weinsteins are planning an awards push for the film?  I say this because this is the only thing that makes sense to me.  It just seems like a stupid move to open the film on Thanksgiving when you see what it’s going to open against.

With this new release date the film is now going to up against “Fantastic Mr. Fox”, “Ninja Assassin”,  “Old Dogs”, and the NY/LA limited engagement of Disney’s  “The Princess and the Frog”.  Our friends over at /Film also tell us that they have heard rumblings that Paramount was considering moving Jason Reitman’s “Up in the Air” for a late November platform release.  This all doesn’t look good for the film and I can see it being easily buried just by “Ninja Assassin” alone.

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