Watch: The Rock Teases ‘Black Adam’ Start Date, Thanks Fans for ‘Shazam!’ Success

     April 8, 2019


Fans came out in droves to see Warner Bros.’ DC Entertainment flick Shazam! this weekend, but as comics fans around the world know, Billy Batson’s superhero story is only part of the legend. Zachary Levi/Asher Angel are now the faces of the two sides of the title hero, and they’ve got a long franchise road ahead of them if the origin movie’s success is any indication, but another more powerful entity lurks on the horizon. That supervillain/antihero is Black Adam and Hollywood superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is set to bring him to life on the big screen.

Johnson, a producer on Shazam! and a driving force behind its development over the last few years, recently took to Instagram to thank fans the world over for the movie’s success. In between earnest moments of gratitude, Johnson also explained the reason they needed to separate Black Adam’s origin story from the one that’s told in Shazam! (though Black Adam’s mythology is mentioned in a quick scene, for those who were paying attention.) He also teased just when Black Adam should start filming, putting Levi and the Shazam! team on notice.

Check out The Rock’s “thank you” video below (via Instagram):

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