Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s ‘The Runner’ Series Brings Interactive Action to go90

     July 7, 2016


As we speak, one mysterious individual is fleeing across our country toward an ultimate goal of half-a-million dollars, while teams of chasers solve clues in the hopes of tracking them down before all the money’s gone. As this is happening, viewers can help to solve clues, support the runner, or assist the chasers in hopes of winning some prize money of their own. This is The Runner, and it’s currently airing daily on the go90 app.

You might recognize go90 from our previous coverage since it’s also the home of Machinima’s upcoming digital series, Transformers: Combiner Wars; the latest episode of that series’ prequel is live right now. Once you check that out, be sure to take a look at The Runner, which hails from Executive Producers Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s  Pearl Street Films. The daily series, which tracks the runner’s progress three times each day, is hosted by Matthew Patrick (aka “MatPat”), with co-host VICE News journalist, producer and media commentator, Kaj Larson, and comes with plenty of opportunities to become part of the action.

Check out the announcement trailer for The Runner below, followed by more on how you can get involved in the series and maybe even win some prize money in the process:

How It Works:

One Runner – He or she must hit six checkpoints across the U.S.without getting caught. The reward for accomplishing this is $450,000 + $50,000 bonus. If The Runner gets caught at ANY point during the manhunt they return home with $0.

Five Chase Teams – There are five two-man Chase Teams in hot pursuit of the Runner. The teams are given daily clues that help guide them to the Runner’s location. The bounty is increasing at a rate of $15,000 per day. Here are the teams in pursuit:

America Watching and Winning – Those watching on go90, or can help tip off the Chase Teams to the Runner’s location via social media. There are two opportunities for viewers to win cash each day.

  • America’s Cash Task (ACT) – Solve twice-daily puzzles within an hour after clues air live on go90. Viewer’s answers help the Chase Teams inch closer to the Runner. In order to submit, all participants must register at
  • Chaser Cash – This one’s simple. Support your favorite teams on social media — they may reward you, too. $1,000 per chase team each day. 5 x 1,000 = 5,000 x 30 days. That’s $150,000!
  • The Runner Social MVP – Viewers can tweet their heart out all month for a chance to win $20,000, $10,000, $5,000 or $1,000. Make it rain much?


Image via go90

When to Watch:

Daily Episode #1 (9 am PST/12 pm EST)

This first daily episode includes a recap from the prior day’s action and the LIVE reveal of the day’s first America’s Cash Task (ACT). As the ACT is announced live – anyone watching live on go90 or can view and start participating for chances to win cash prizes.

Daily Episode #2 (12 pm PST/3 pm EST)

The second daily episode is a LIVE in-studio update and analysis of the currentgame status. The Runner hosts will also break down the current social media conversations that are happening across multiple platforms.

Daily Episode #3 (7 pm PST/10 pm EST)

The third daily episode will be the final daily update, as the game concludes for the day. During this episode, viewers will get insight into the Chasers andtheir relationships.  Our Hosts will also provide analysis on the Runner and Chase teams’ current standings and strategies.


Image via go90