MTV Renews ‘The Shannara Chronicles’ for Season 2

     April 20, 2016


Our cries were heard, Shannara fans, as it was announced today that MTV (at long last) has renewed The Shannara Chronicles for Season 2. The expense of the series left its future in doubt after the finale, as MTV’s parent company Viacom has been looking to cut some of its cable property losses of late. But, the fantasy series gained ground throughout its season, and ended up as MTV’s top scripted series, something they are still committed to pursuing (beyond just reality programming, that is).

Narratively, the Season 1 finale raised more questions than it answered, as Eretria (Ivana Baquero), Amberle (Poppy Drayton), and Wil’s (Austin Butler) futures remained in question. Plus, the series ended not only with a huge cliffhanger about who it was in that troll mask, but also regarding a new evil built up in the form of Bandon (Marcus Vanco). You thought the Dagda Mor was bad? You have no idea (or so it would seem!)


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The Shannara Chronicles was a surprisingly great entry into this year’s fantasy TV series, which is quickly becoming a bit of an oversaturated genre. But Shannara is different in a number of ways, not just with its young cast, but also in its aesthetic. The show has done wonders with what one assumes is a fairly strict budget, smartly saving up its CG and relying heavily on practical effects that help make the world feel grounded and knowable.

Shannara isn’t perfect, and there are still plenty of aspects of its world-building that I would love to see explored in a second season, especially if the production feels like — now that it’s more established — it has the network’s backing and a growing fanbase. But what we really watch for, and what I can’t wait to return to, is the continuing story of its three leads and the great chemistry that they share. Their alliances and friendships (and romance, of course) drove the first season, and later-season moments of sacrifice and the emotions stemming from it all felt earned. But now the three are cast to different corners of the realm, including as a tree, so … there’s a lot we need to dive into in Season 2. And it’s a great comfort to know finally that we will get that chance.

We’ll update you on more Shannara as we know it, but in the meantime, you can check out the cancelled or renewed fates of over 150 of your favorite scripted series with our handy TV Lifeline.


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