Watch ‘The Simpsons’ Cheeky Disney+ Streaming Announcement Video

     October 28, 2019


The Simpsons have, for the past 30 years (!!!), been a constant voice of irreverence. They’ve bit every hand that’s ever fed them, constantly ribbing their OG parent company 20th Century Fox with a hearty stream of “Eat my shorts.” Now that Fox has done the corporate shuffle and is dancing as one of Walt Disney’s many partners, every episode The Simpsons will be streaming on Disney+ alongside literally every other Disney-owned property starting November 12th. Disney+ and The Simpsons made a joint announcement video on Twitter dripping with the show’s same corporate-skewering sensibilities — though perhaps just a touch sanitized.


Image via 20th Television

Bart Simpson (Nancy Cartwright) walks onto a plain blue background — which we instantly recognize as being a Disney color (how’s that for branding?). He’s dressed partially as Mickey Mouse, complaining that he won’t put on the nose, no matter how much money’s at stake. But Bart’s eternally-strangling patriarch Homer (Dan Castellaneta) insists he do it, and insists that the rest of his family “smile.” Then, we zoom out and see the whole Simpsons crew dressed up in correspondence to their brand — Bart’s Mickey for Disney, Marge’s Bo Peep for Pixar, Homer’s Iron Man for Marvel, Maggie’s Yoda for Star Wars, and Lisa’s glacier for National Geographic. To paraphrase Kent Brockman, it looks like The Simpsonare, for one, welcoming their new corporate-merger overlords. And even if their acerbic sense of humor is feeling a touch repurposed and appropriated to make Disney seem like they’re “cool” and not “monopolizing our culture until they’re borderline-illegally the only game in town,” it’s nice to see they’re at least trying.

Check out the official Simpsons/Disney+ video below — at the very least to see Lisa as a National Geographic-advertising glacier, which is a cause she undoubtedly cares about. For more on The Simpsons, check out info about their upcoming Marvel-skewering episode (because Homer as Iron Man wasn’t enough).