New Banner for THE SITTER Encourages You to Give Jonah Hill a Call

     September 8, 2011


Back in August, the red-band trailer for director David Gordon Green’s The Sitter went online and I found myself wondering if foul-mouthed babysitters such as the one portrayed by Jonah Hill really exist. Fast-forward to the present and 20th Century Fox has not only assured me that they do exist, but has also given me a number where I can reach them.

In a new promotional banner for the film, you have Hill’s mug on a flyer (seen above) with a contact number listed below. While the imagery is cool enough given the film’s subject matter, rumor has it that Hill will occasionally be answering the line found by dialing (917) 409-7838. I gave the number a ring myself and got the voicemail for Hill’s character Noah, so I can’t confirm that anyone will ever actually answer your call. Nevertheless, I think it’s kind of a cool promotion that definitely caught my attention. Check out the banner after the jump. Also starring Sam Rockwell and Ari Graynor, The Sitter hits theaters later this year on December 9th.

Here’s the official synopsis for The Sitter followed by the banner from the film’s Facebook [click to enlarge]:

When the world’s most irresponsible babysitter takes three of the world’s worst kids on an unforgettable overnight adventure through the streets of New York City, it’s anyone’s guess who’s going to make it home in one piece. THE SITTER is a new level of twisted and debauched hilarity from the director of Pineapple Express, starring Superbad’s Jonah Hill.



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