‘The Sleepover’ Trailer: Malin Ackerman & Ken Marino Get Kidnapped in New Netflix Family-Adventure Film

     August 5, 2020

Looking for a fun new family adventure film that takes a cue from the Spy Kids playbook? Enter The Sleepover, Netflix’s new action-comedy starring Malin Ackerman as a suburban stay-at-home mom with a heck of a secret past. When her past as thief catches up with her, leading to her and her husband’s (Ken Marino) kidnapping, siblings Clancy (Sadie Stanley) and Kevin (Maxwell Simkins) have to team up to rescue their parents.

With an adult cast full of charmers (few walk the line between bonafide leading lady, action star, and goofy comedian as well or as often as Ackerman), and Netflix’s knack for casting breakout up-and-comers, it looks like there’s a lot to look forward to if you’re in the mood for a feel-good family adventure. And really, who isn’t these days?  Directed by Trish Sie (Pitch Perfect 3 – and a bunch of those awesome OK Go music videos,) The Sleepover also stars Joe Manganiello and arrives on Netflix on August 21. If you’re looking for more to watch, be sure to check out our rundown of the Best New Movies on Netflix This Month.

Here’s the official synopsis for The Sleepover:

In this family adventure-comedy, Clancy (Sadie Stanley) and her kid brother Kevin (Maxwell Simkins) discover that their seemingly normal stay-at-home mom Margot (Malin Åkerman) is actually a former high-end thief in the witness protection program. When both their mom and dad (Ken Marino) are kidnapped and forced to pull one last job with an ex-flame of Margot’s (Joe Manganiello), the siblings must team up to rescue their parents over the course of one action-packed night that they’ll never forget. The Sleepover is directed by Trish Sie (Pitch Perfect 3).


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