Working Title Films to Adapt Harry Hole Detective Novel THE SNOWMAN

     October 14, 2010


Jo Nesbo’s hit series of detective novels following the exploits of the fictional Harry Hole will be making its way to the big screen. The latest book in the series, titled The Snowman, will be adapted into a film according to a new report by Deadline, as Working Title Films has bought the screen rights. The series has sold over 5 million copies worldwide and the seventh book in the series sits atop the UK bestseller lists. The author talked about how he has turned down a number of offers in the past but feels this is the right time and team to handle his material. So hit the jump to find out what the novel is all about and why I think Nesbo was smart to pick Working Title Films.

Below is the description of The Snowman by Deadline.

“The book is set on Oslo and is the latest in a mystery series revolving around detective Harry Hole. A woman is missing and her pink scarf turns up as an accessory that has been wrapped around an ominous-looking snowman that someone has built nearby. As the detective investigates, it appears that this might be the work of a serial killer, unheard of in Norway.”

The author appears to have mixed emotions about finally letting someone adapt one of his books in the Harry Hole series, but he stressed that he is excited to have Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner producing. “I’m very excited and a little worried,” said Nesbo. “This is like putting my baby on the bus to the big city for the first time. But it feels like she’s ready for that now.”

Nesbo and one of his representatives, Niclas Salomonsson, will executive produce the film. As for Working Title Films, they have quite a resume to this point. Among their most recent credits is the upcoming Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, and past gems like A Serious Man, State of Play, Pirate Radio, Frost/Nixon, and Burn After Reading. No planned start date or timetable was released, but this will likely move quickly to capitalize on the current success of the novel series.


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