January 20, 2011


The Sundance Film Festival kicked off today and while reviews/news will be pouring in for the next ten days, the trailer for the closing-night film, The Son of No One, has hit the Internet today. Written/directed by Dito Montiel (Fighting), the crime drama tells the story of two friends (Channing Tatum and Tracy Morgan) who must face the consequences of a murder they committed.

In addition to Tatum and Morgan, the film features an impressive cast that also includes Al Pacino, Katie Holmes, Ray Liotta, and Juliette Binoche. One of the more noteworthy aspects of the film is that Morgan, best known for his wild antics on the hilarious NBC comedy 30 Rock, will be playing the film straight.  While fans of him rubbing his bare belly may be disappointed, co-star Tatum told MTV, “I think Tracy Morgan is going to shock the world. Nobody has ever seen him do drama or anything like that.” Hit the jump for the full (mysteriously edited) trailer and synopsis.

Here’s the trailer [from MTV]:

Here’s a synopsis for The Son of No One:

Son of No One follows two friends (Tatum and Morgan) forced to face the consequences of a murder they committed — and got away with — 16 years earlier. Tatum’s character Jonathan “Milk” White has gone on to a successful career with the police force and has a happy home life with his wife (Holmes) and Child. Morgan’s character Vinnie has kind of gone the other way. When Milk is assigned to the precinct where he grew up, his decade-and-a-half-old secret threatens to tear apart his life and his family.

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