Jordan Vogt-Robert in Talks to Direct THE STARS MY DESTINATION

     March 13, 2015


While filmmaker Jordan Vogt-Roberts is making a big jump from his indie debut The Kings of Summer to the big budget King Kong movie Skull Island, it appears that he’s also got sci-fi on the brain. THR reports that Vogt-Roberts is in talks to direct The Stars My Destination for Paramount Pictures, an adaptation of the Alfred Bester novel of the same name.

The book was first published in 1957 and revolves around a man who is marooned in space after his ship is attacked and everyone else is killed. He subsequently vows to get revenge when a passing ship knowingly ignores his distress beacon. An adaptation of the novel has been in the works for decades, with previous iterations attracting talent ranging from Richard Gere to Paul W.S. Anderson.

This isn’t the only other big project Vogt-Roberts also has on his plate. In addition to Skull Island—which is his next film—the director is attached to helm an adaptation of Metal Gear Solid. It’s quite a to-do list for a guy with one indie feature under his belt, but Vogt-Roberts showed tremendous promise not only with the peculiarity of The Kings of Summer, but with the film’s varied tones.

Whether Vogt-Roberts will be the man to finally bring The Stars My Destination to the big screen remains to be seen, but imminently he is prepping to shoot Skull Island this year, with a cast that includes Tom Hiddleston, Michael Keaton, and J.K. Simmons. The Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures adventure pic is slated to open in theaters in 2017.


Image via CBS Films


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