Maika Monroe and Dane DeHaan Talk ‘The Stranger’ and Carl E.’s Prior “Experiments”

     August 27, 2020

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers through the finale of The Stranger, “Chapter 13.”]

As we find out in the final Chapters of Veena Sud’s The Stranger on Quibi, Carl E. (Dane DeHaan) has a very specific agenda. Carl thinks he can find out anything about anyone on the Internet, and is convinced he’s figured out a fool proof algorithm to predict their behavior, therefore, turning him into a god of sorts. How exactly does someone get swallowed up in such an obsession and have it become so violent? During a recent chat with DeHaan, he revealed why his experiment with Clare (Maika Monroe) got more deadly than any of his others:


Image via Quibi

“I didn’t necessarily give him a life event that made him fall into this. I think it was just important to know that this wasn’t his first time doing it, and he’s been successful with it in the past and that success has made him have this god complex where he feels like he’s invincible, where he feels like he’s got it all figured out. I feel like for those reasons, this was probably the first time it really spiraled out of control and he got as violent as he gets. I don’t know that he’s ever gotten as violent in his experiments before, but I think while he’s got this basically, ‘I am god, I can predict people’s behavior’ mentality, that as it starts to slip, there’s a rage that builds up inside of him and I didn’t necessarily pinpoint that down to one event.”

If you’d like to hear even more from DeHaan and Monroe about their experience working with Sud, why Monroe is so grateful to have had her first feature experience on Ramin Bahrani’s At Any Price, and what they both view as the brighter sides of social media and staying connected, give the full chat a watch at the top of this article!

Maika Monroe and Dane DeHaan:

  • Monroe looks back on making At Any Price and what she learned from director Ramin Bahrani. 
  • They discuss Veena Sud’s process on set and how they workshopped the material together during rehearsals.


    Image via Quibi

  • Could they tell when Sud was really loving a take on set?
  • DeHaan discusses watching The Stranger for the very first time after having had such a singular experience on set.
  • Did DeHaan ever pinpoint the life event that put Carl on this path?
  • Even though The Stranger focuses on the horrors of technology, Monroe and DeHaan share something about social media that brightens their day.