Exclusive ‘The Stranger’ Clip Pits Dane DeHaan Against Maika Monroe

     August 19, 2020


Picture this: You’re walking down a hallway. Something on the back of your neck doesn’t feel right. You turn around, and a stranger with murder in his eyes stares back at you. What do you do?

These types of heart rate-raising decisions are at the heart of The Stranger, Quibi’s thriller series from Veena Sud (The Killing) starring Maika Monroe as our hero in peril, and Dane DeHaan as the stranger with murder in his eyes. The series is full of moments that grab the audience and force them to reckon with what they’d do. In this exclusive clip from the show, we see Monroe make a reactionary decision I’d imagine many of you would make… and we see how it doesn’t quite go her way.


Image via Quibi

Monroe plays Clare, a new resident of Los Angeles who’s driving for a rideshare company to get to know the town and earn some scratch. DeHaan plays “Carl E.”, a passenger who’s keen on revealing the ever-deepening depths of his pure sociopathy. This precarious relationship leads them to this clip, where DeHaan has stalked Monroe through her apartment building and, Michael Myers style, slowly follows her down a narrow hallway. That is, until he needs to speed up. Rushing toward her faster and faster. Monroe makes it to an elevator. But will that be enough of an escape? “Hold onto something while you watch this clip,” is all I’ll say.

If this clip entices you, check out the full series of The Stranger, now streaming on Quibi. For more on the series, here’s a breakdown of its neat and nifty one-take sequence.