Producer Roy Lee Gives Updates on ‘The Strangers 2’ and ‘Rings’

     February 21, 2016


The Strangers and especially The Ring were big horror hits, but the latest entries in their franchises, The Strangers 2 (unofficial title) and Rings have been floating in the ether.

For those who don’t recall, The Strangers was a 2008 flick starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman as a couple who encounter three masked attackers while staying in an isolated vacation home, which is their own damn fault for staying anywhere that’s isolated. That’s the place creepy masked attackers love the most.

the-strangers-2-posterWhen we last reported on The Strangers 2, it was way back in 2012, and producers Aaron Ryder and Marc Evans were excited to shoot the script they had for later that fall. However, it didn’t come to pass, and while producer Roy Lee tells us they still have the script, they’re stuck in a holding pattern because of Relativity’s recent bankruptcy.

“We have a script that’s fantastic,” said Lee, “but they’ve had some financial difficulties so it’s unclear as to whether or not they’ll be able to finance the movie.”

And if there’s no financier, don’t expect this by its currently slated December release date, especially since they haven’t even shot the movie yet.

As for what the film is about, Lee wouldn’t go into details other than to say, “It’s connected in the sense of ‘What if you moved into an area where the Strangers lived?’

Moving on to Rings (which has filmed, but keeps getting bumped on the calendar), Lee was far more tight-lipped. While he was glad that the film was getting a fall release date like the original 2002 Gore Verbinski film, when it came to the plot, all he would tell us was, “I can’t tease anything about it. When you see the trailer, it will be a big surprise.” I hope Samara is on Laserdisc now.

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