‘The Terror’ Showrunners Break Down Key Moments from That Stunning Season Finale

     May 22, 2018


After an almost perfect nine-episode run, AMC’s bracing historical horror The Terror delivered a flawless tenth and final episode with ‘We Are Gone’. An unflinching, absorbing, and ultimately cathartic hour of television, the season finale turned the last screws on the Captain Crozier (Jared Harris) doomed men of the Franklin Expedition, delivering the death march that we always knew was coming in one sweeping final blow.

The penultimate episode, ‘The C, the C, the Open C,’ sent off favorites Fitzjames (Tobias Menzies) and Blanky (Ian Hart) with earned, even triumphant deaths, but The Terror’s season finale distinctly swung the pendulum further in the direction of tragedy without ever losing sight of the men, real men, who’s lives were lost in the ill-fated journey.

“The men who were actually on this expedition, they would have had hope for a very long time and many of them probably until the moment of death,” said series co-showrunner and executive producer David Kajganich, “and with that hope comes the retention of one’s whole personality, your sense of humor, your sense of irony, your spirit of generosity. In many cases those things are probably encouraged by a disaster, a long term slow-motion disaster like this, so we never wanted to lose touch with the warmth of these characters.”

In anticipation of the stunning finale, spoke with Kajganich along with co-showrunner and EP Soo Hugh about sending off The Terror and saying goodbye to those wonderfully rich characters. With only a bit of time and a lot to dig into, I focused on three of the finale’s most haunting sequences; Dr. Goodsir’s death, the chilling final shots of Edward and Starvation Cove, and the serene final frames of the episode. Check out what the showrunners had to say in the breakdown below.