‘The Terror’ May Yet Return on AMC for Non-Traditional Season 2

     May 21, 2018


Here’s your friendly reminder that the season finale of AMC’s The Terror, one of the most unique and riveting shows on TV at the moment, airs tonight at 9/8c. As terrifying as the small-screen adaptation of Dan Simmons‘ novel exploring the disastrous Franklin Expedition is, scarier still is the realization that tonight’s episode closes the book on that story, pun intended. So while you should most definitely tune in to see Tuunbaq & Co. tonight, if The Terror returns for Season 2, it’ll be with a completely different tale owing to its anthology format.

TV Guide had the inside scoop on the state of The Terror and what’s ahead for the AMC series. While the title fits quite well for a standalone season adapting Simmons’ book, it also dovetails into the anthology format (a first for the network) that can return to terrify its viewers each season with all-new tales. Currently, it only ranks behind The Walking Dead duo and Better Call Saul, so it’s in good company. It’s also pleased critics and audiences alike, so only some official hardware come awards season is left to push The Terror across that Season 2 renewal finish line.


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Here’s what co-showrunner Soo Hugh had to say to TV Guide, clarifying the situation:

“When AMC greenlit the show now almost three years ago, they greenlit it as an anthology show. Meaning Season 1 would be the story of the Franklin Expedition, and subsequent seasons would take on a new narrative that carried the DNA that we established in Season 2.”

Hugh also mentioned that series creator David Kajganich pitched more than one version of The Terror to networks, including one that continued the story of the expedition; AMC contained the Tuunbaq tale into just one season, so don’t expect more of the same. But that’s not the only part of The Terror that wouldn’t return for Season 2:

“Dave and I aren’t coming back for Season 2 by our choice. We’re just really excited to see what AMC does with what we’ve done. I’d like to go onto a smaller canvas [for my next project]. We’re both exhausted.”

So The Terror might not get a Season 2 simply for lack of a story and a crew to take it to production; hopefully AMC has planned ahead for just such an occasion.


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Meanwhile, Kajganich has scripted the Suspiria remake that’s due out this fall, has the Pet Sematary remake script in the works for a Spring 2019 debut, and is working on The Riders for Ridley Scott to direct. Hugh is adapting a book about immigrants, the details of which will be revealed in the coming weeks. They’re taking a break from anything remotely similar to The Terror, though for fans of the stellar show, hopefully AMC is not.

Be sure to tune in for the finale tonight and give AMC all the eyeballs (and tongues) they need to summon The Terror back in whatever form it takes!

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