Cher to Play Mother Superior in THE THREE STOOGES?

     February 16, 2011


Last December, we reported that Richard Jenkins was the first cast member on board the Farrelly Brothers’ The Three Stooges.  Jenkins was set to play an abusive nun who torments Larry, Moe, and Curly at the orphanage where they grow up.  As a huge Jenkins fans, I thought that was great news.  Now 24 Frames is coming along to slap my enthusiasm in the face by saying that the Farrellys want to cast Cher as Mother Superior, the nun whom the Stooges terrorize.  Now it’s possible that Jenkins’ nun would still be in the movie, but 24 Frames makes no mention of him.  Cher had a cameo in the Farrellys’ 2003 film, Stuck on You.  As someone who has never enjoyed anything I’ve seen Cher do (and that includes Moonstruck), I’m indifferent-at-best about this news.

Hit the jump for more on the project and other potential casting.

At one point, the film had Jim Carrey, Sean Penn, and Benecio Del Toro attached to play the Stooges, but the project fell apart.  It was revived at the end of last year at Fox with production scheduled to begin this spring.  While Carrey and Penn are now out, Peter Farrelly said last month that Del Toro was still the frontrunner to play Moe.  Bobby Farrelly now tells 24 Frames that they’re “still considering” the Oscar-winning actor.

And as to the rumor about Andy Samberg and Johnny Knoxville being cast?  Bobby Farrelly tells 24 Frames:

“We like both of those guys.  We always thought Samberg looks a little like he could play Larry. And Knoxville is a real-life stooge. He’s a real-life Moe.”

The Three Stooges will attempt to transform the short-films of the original Three Stooges into a feature-length movie by utilizing three interconnected featurettes set in the present day.  The film is also aiming for a PG-rating.

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