Amy Ryan, Vincent D’Onofrio, Vinnie Jones and 50 Cent Join Schwarzenegger and Stallone in THE TOMB

     April 4, 2012


Director Mikael Hafstrom just rounded out a great deal of his cast for the Arnold Schwarzenegger/Sylvester Stallone team-up actioner The Tomb.  Stallone stars as a structural security expert who is framed and locked up in a high-security prison that he designed, and Schwarzenegger is onboard as one of the prison’s inmates and a potential ally to Stallone.  Jim Caviezel also stars, and now Variety has added four more names to the cast: Amy Ryan, Vincent D’Onofrio, Vinnie Jones and 50 Cent.  Hit the jump for details concerning who these new additions to the cast will be playing.

amy-ryan-the-tombPer Variety, Ryan is set as the female lead in the action pic.  She’ll play “Stallone’s business partner and potential love interest.”  Law & Order: Criminal Intent star D’Onofrio is in talks to play the deputy director of the Prisons Bureau.  He convinces Stallone’s character to do one last job before he retires (natch) and Jones is set in a villainous role as a “ruthless guard with no moral compass who enjoys making life difficult for the protag.”  I’m not exactly up on actor weights, but I’m fairly certain Stallone could take Jones easily.  No details are given for 50 Cent’s role, but the rapper-turned-actor has had incredibly bad luck with Hollywood features, so here’s hoping he doesn’t curse this project as well

I think Ryan’s a nice addition to the testosterone-filled cast, and one that signals Hafstrom’s intent on finding the right actor instead of casting a twentysomething supermodel whose sole purpose in the pic is eye candy (take notes, Mr. Bay).  Nevertheless, this is still a Stallone/Schwarzenegger action movie so I’m sure we’re in for a healthy amount of good old-fashioned fun.  The puzzle aspect of the film is a nice twist, so hopefully we’re in for something different than another generic actioner with guns and explosions galore.

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