The Top 15 Best Netflix Series of 2019

     December 23, 2019

At the end of the decade, Netflix is an undeniable powerhouse in television series production. The streaming giant that changed the entire distribution model of the entertainment landscape also helped usher in the so-called new Golden Age of TV by giving a new platform to some of the biggest and most inventive creative talents in the industry, taking away the rules and restrictions, and throwing their inexplicably vast arsenal of money at them.

And in 2019, Netflix had one of their biggest years yet on the TV side. going toe-to-toe with HBO at the Emmys in wins and nominations (though HBO ultimately won both this year), and dominating the Golden Globe nominations in both TV and film — the first year Netflix outpaced the studios at the starry awards show, a sign that the streamer’s ever-growing film presence is finally catching up with its prestige TV.

And what a lineup they had in 2019. The best series of the year ranged from returning awards favorites like GLOWThe Crown, and Stranger Things; a second season of David Fincher‘s serial killer drama Mindhunter, which somehow managed to be more Fincher-esque than ever; a feat of technical wizardry with the puppetry epic The Dark Crystal: Rise of the Resistance; inventive new genre-hybrid half-hour comedies like Russian Doll and Living with Yourself; the sketch comedy glory of I Think You Should Leave; and gone-too-soon oddballs like Santa Clarita Diet and Brit Marling‘s baffling but soulful The OA.

With that in mind, we polled the staff for the 15 best Netflix series of the year, submitted our votes, and here’s what came back. (Editor’s Note: Unfortunately the article was written before the mad delights of The Witcher were launched.)