The Trailer for ‘Black Snake Moan’ is Online

     January 11, 2007

I’ve beenlooking forward to Black Snake Moanever since I heard the premise, after all, who doesn’t want to see ChristinaRicci tied up with chains to a radiator? But the real reason I’ve been lookingforward to it is I loved Hustle and Flow,and this is Craig Brewer’s follow up.

While thefilm is coming out pretty soon, the trailer only recently got released. Withthe premiere coming up at Sundance in the coming week you can expect a lot moreabout this film as people start to see it. Like me. I’m watching this film assoon as they’ll let me see it.

And ifyou’re like me and have been waiting for some footage, the wait is over.

To watchthe Quicktime trailer click here.

And hereare a ton of images that just got released from the film. Black Snake Moan getsreleased by Paramount Vantage on February 23rd.

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