Watch: ‘The Twilight Zone’ Announces Start of Production, First Director with New Teaser

     October 2, 2018


Are you ready to journey back to another dimension? A dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind? Well, good news. Production is officially under way on CBS’ revival of the classic mind-bending series, The Twilight Zone. As previously announced Get Out writer-director and former Key and Peele co-star Jordan Peele is set to host and narrate the new incarnation of The Twilight Zone, taking over the role originated by creator Rod Serling.

Production on the new series officially began on Monday, October 1 in Vancouver, British Colombia with the series set to premiere on CBS All Access next year. CBS announced the start of production today with a new teaser video celebrating the legacy of the original series, which premiered on this day, October 2, 1959. Check out a super cut of the series’ most iconic moments in the video below, and if that whets your appetite for more, every episode of the original series is currently available to stream on CBS All Access.

The teaser doesn’t have much in the way of teasing anything from the new season — they only started filming yesterday after all — but we do get a glimpse at a very retro-looking diner and an episode slate, which gives us our first director reveal for the series: Burning Sands and The First Purge helmer Gerard McMurray will direct the mystery episode with Genius  and Wayward Pines DP Mathias Herndl shooting.