Watch: How a Real-Life Snowstorm Changed the ‘Umbrella Academy’ Season 2 Finale

     September 11, 2020

[Editor’s note: Spoilers for The Umbrella Academy Season 2 finale follow below.]

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 remains one of the few genuinely good things to happen in 2020, and if you’re looking for something to tide you over until the show (hopefully) returns for Season 3, a new behind-the-scenes video pulls back the curtain on the eventful finale.

Indeed, if you’ve seen The Umbrella Academy Season 2, you’ll recall that the finale takes place on Sissy’s farm, where Harlan Cooper’s powers malfunction has caused a sudden snowstorm in the middle of Dallas, Texas. Except in the original script, there was no snow. As it turns out, when The Umbrella Academy cast and crew were filming the final episode of Season 2 in Vancouver, they were hit by an unexpected and massive snowstorm, after which the snow refused to melt. So as star Ellen Page explains in the video below, showrunner Steve Blackman decided to write the snow into the episode.


Image via Netflix

You’ll see in the video that the cast also tries hard to hold their breath in scenes in the barn so as to not let their breath show how low the temperatures really were (and you’ll recall from the final episode that they didn’t really succeed). And Aidan Gallagher reveals skin-like stockings he wore to keep his legs warm during Five’s final fight.

This is a really fascinating look at show major TV shows address production challenges, and how sometimes what you see onscreen is extremely different from what was originally planned.

Check out the Umbrella Academy Season 2 behind-the-scenes video below, along with another video that takes a look at the effects (both digital and practical) that bring the characters’ superpowers to life onscreen.

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Image via Netflix