The Unnecessary Cinematic Revival of John Grisham Continues with THE TESTAMENT

     June 22, 2009

testament_john_grisham_book_cover_01.jpgJust because studios start adapting John Grisham books into movies again, no one is going to start thinking it’s the 90s.  That’s the plan, right?  Make people remember the roaring 90s with silly adaptations of Grisham’s substance-free airplane reads?  No?  Then…why?

I cannot find the answer to that question in the Variety article which reports that 821 Entertainment will adapt Grisham’s 1999 book, “The Testament” which is about a billionaire leaving his fortune to his illigetimate daughter (who does charity work in the Brazilian wetlands and probably makes Jesus feel insecure about his deeds) instead of his greedy relatives.  A down-and-out lawyer (who else) helps her battle her relatives over the fortune.

It turns out that the reason we haven’t seen any Grisham movies lately (unlike the 90s when there seemed to be one-per-year) is because he put a moratorium on the adaptations with one of his reasons being his lack of creative input on adaptations of his work; creative input he’ll now have for “The Testament”.  It’s a good thing too because it would be a travesty if anyone ever sullied the integrity of a John Grisham novel.

Other Grisham books currently moving through production hell are Warner Bros. adaptation of “The Innocent Man” (Grisham’s only non-fiction book and is actually quite good), Phoenix Pictures on “Playing for Pizza”, and “The Associate” with Shia LaBeouf and Lorenzo di Bonaventura currently attached.

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