THE WALKING DEAD: New Images Reveal Ethan Embry and Merritt Wever’s Characters

     July 29, 2015


Is it October yet? Why not? The latest revelation of The Walking Dead‘s intensely anticipated Season 6 is a trio of photos that give us our first good look at new characters that may prove familiar to fans of the brilliant graphic novels that serve as the series’ source material, loosely. The recently released, pulse-pounding trailer for Season 6 already gave us a glimpse at Ethan Embry in the series, but show runner Scott M. Gimple has revealed that the well-known character actor will play Carter, a composite of several different characters from the graphic novels that haven’t been introduced yet. Just as important, there’s a close-up of Denise, played by the great Merritt Wever, a major character in the graphic novels, as well as a shot of Corey Hawkins as Heath, who starts a romance with Denise in the source material but could really end up doing anything in the series itself. Wever and Embry just finished roles on Nurse Jackie and Grace & Frankie, respectively, and Hawkins will next be seen in the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton.

Of course, these pictures don’t give us much more information on what will be coming in Season 6, though its certainly nice to see Carter with Rick and Morgan in that shot, seeing as Carter was seemingly at Rick’s throat like white on rice in the Season 6 trailer. As the season will no doubt focus on Rick’s slide into a more paranoid, immoral, and borderline despotic leadership role in Alexandria, it’s at least heartening to see that we will get a more expansive look at the denizens of the safe-zone. Still isn’t October, right?

Check out the photos below, via EW:




The Walking Dead Season 6 premieres on October 11th on AMC.