Watch a Deleted Scene from the Scrapped Opening to THE WALKING DEAD Season 2

     August 9, 2012


By now it’s well known that the opening to the second season of AMC’s The Walking Dead was not the initial opening that was shot.  In fact, then-showrunner Frank Darabont originally envisioned an ambitious flashback episode as the season two premiere that would follow a squad of Army Rangers getting trapped in Atlanta, ending with a soldier alone in a tank (the same one Rick finds in season one).  That fantastic installment sadly never made it to the production stage, but Darabont and Co. did film a few sequences that picked up right where season one left off, with our heroes fighting off hordes of zombies immediately following the CDC explosion.

Some deleted scenes from this scrapped opening will be available on the upcoming second season Blu-ray release, and one of those scenes has now been released online.  Unsurprisingly, it features a whole lotta zombie killin’.  Hit the jump to take a look.  Season two hits Blu-ray August 28th and season three of The Walking Dead premieres on AMC on October 14th.

Via EW.



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