The Cast and Producers of THE WALKING DEAD Talk Season 5, the Group’s Reunion, and Relationships at Comic-Con

     July 25, 2014


Hall H welcomed the cast and producers of The Walking Dead as they made their appearance at Comic-Con this morning to talk about the new season and interact with fans.  By now, everyone has probably already seen the trailer they also unveiled for Season 5.  It was a nice treat for fans and also helped answer some lingering questions.  Of course, one question always leads to five more when it comes to AMC’s hit drama.  So, the cast and creative team sat down with us following their panel for roundtable interviews.  While they tried to keep most details hushed, they did provide us with a pretty good outlook of what to expect when the series returns in October.  Hit the jump for highlights from the interviews with Robert Kirkman, Norman Reedus, Greg Nicotero, Melissa McBride, Chad Coleman, Emily Kinney, Danai Gurira, Andrew Lincoln, and Chandler Riggs.

On Season 5 and the trailer

  • robert-kirkman-the-walking-dead-escapeRobert Kirkman:  “There’s so much going on in the trailer that the things that we’ve given away are just the tip of the iceberg.  It doesn’t really matter that you’ve seen Judith or some of the other things that you might catch.  There’s so much going on under the surface that are yet to be revealed that people will still be very surprised.  If you think you know what’s going on from watching that trailer, you might not.  There’s a lot of twists and turns along the way.”
  • Norman Reedus:  “It’s not like you go into the season and go, “I’m gonna do it this way,” when it comes to playing your character.  It’s a gradual thing from Season 1, all the things that build up and that you do, all the things that affect you and the situations around you and the other actors.  Mid-four to now is different than mid-three to four, it’s constantly changing.”
  • Greg Nicotero:  “You plant little seeds in previous seasons.  Now in Season 5, we’re almost at the midseason, so all the little plants are blooming, everything is blossoming.  So, you never know.  You invest in a storyline and then something is going on here and it’s gone.  Then the story takes another turn.”

On Carol and Tyrese’s reunion with the group

  • walking-dead-season-5-norman-reedus-melissa-mcbrideMelissa McBride:  “The way that the world is now, changes everybody’s world view, from where they were, each event that happens, each turning point.  Their life in the apocalypse shifts their world view a little bit.  I think everyone looks at each other going, “Does my world view mesh with yours, are we on the same page?”
  • Kirkman:  “I also think it’s important to note all of the characters, especially Rick, have evolved a great deal since that moment he said, “Carol you can’t come back with me.”  These are very different people that are going to be meeting.  Very different decisions are going to be made.”
  • Chad Coleman:  “Tyrese is still wrestling with the harshness of this world.  There’s still kind of a recoil from all of that information about Carol and the grove, and he’s just self destructive.”
  • Kirkman:  “We introduce Tyrese in a much different way and somewhat later in the show than in the comic book series so that has changed things quite a bit.  All those changes excite me, there’s different things that we can do.”

On Beth’s Storyline and Bethyl

  • the-walking-dead-andrew-lincoln-melissa-mcbrideKirkman:  “You’ll see how we deal with the Beth situation, it’s not necessarily going back in time, “Oh hey, we’re gonna focus on this character’s story for a while.”  But we do have the freedom to tell different stories.  We can divide our cast up and take detours like that.”
  • Emily Kinney:  “I think Beth’s ready for whatever’s coming her way this season.  For me, it’s been a little sad, obviously I’ve been separated from them so I haven’t gotten to see my friends and coworkers as much.  But it’s been really fun.”
  • Reedus:  “She was like the little bright light at the end of the tunnel and I was getting warmer and closer and closer, and someone blew it out.”
  • Kinney:  “I think the scenes between Beth and Daryl was a chance for the audience to get to know both of us in a different way.  We have many scenes where we were talking about ourselves and our past.  It was a chance for these two characters to connect and while we connected, you guys got to know Beth a little bit better.  People are longing for something more than just death and destruction.  We want romance, we want music, and these characters feel the same way the audience does.  We don’t want to just be surviving, we want something more.  I find it so fascinating that the audience immediately goes to—just because this happened or that happened, they want that.  That’s what we live for, love and romance and art.  It’s interesting.”

On the relationship between Rick, Carl and Michonne

  • walking-dead-season-5-danai-guriraDanai Gurira:  “It was lovely to be able to start nurturing relationships where that other part of her would start coming out.  The funny thing about Michonne is that she has this very soft part of her but she’s buried it so deep.  It’s been nice to find that and play that off people she cares about.  I think that if you have people to protect you can actually become more ferocious.”
  • Andrew Lincoln:  “I think Rick is just starting to work it out, the whole thing about the nature of family and unity.  I think if you stand alongside Rick, if you stand beside him, you’re family.  If you stand in front of him, you’re a problem.”
  • Chandler Riggs:  “I don’t think there’s gonna be any conflicts between Carl and his dad.  In episode 409 he learned to respect Rick fully and really be able to see what he’s going for, Carl really does need Rick to survive.”

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