‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: New Images Finds Ezekiel on His Throne, Negan in Alexandria

     July 28, 2016

For fans of AMC’s juggernaut horror series The Walking Dead, Comic-Con 2016 brought a very special present, namely the first trailer for the show’s seventh season. And though the first half of the trailer inevitably continued to tease who, exactly, out of Rick’s group will have the displeasure of having their heads turned into ground chuck, the rest of the trailer looked beyond the big death to the typically strange, tense happenings of the series’ world  full of the flesh-noshing undead. Among the scenes and sequences we got a look at in the new footage, the most memorable image is undoubtedly our first real look at Ezekiel (Khary Payton), the leader of the realm known as the Kingdom who rolls around with a tiger named Shiva, which is somehow more beguiling in the zombie apocalypse.


Image via AMC

Ezekiel figures into Season 7 in a major way, but it’s both not fair to ruin what could be happening and pointless to do so, considering the fact that this show wanders away from the source material quite often. Still, there’s no denying that Season 7 of The Walking Dead looks weird, thrilling, and poignant in the same way the show has always been, and the new images that EW just released from the upcoming season underline the anticipation for the show’s return. We get a clear look at Ezekiel on his throne, Jeffrey Dean Morgan‘s Negan in Alexandria, and some new walkers, as well as new images for Melissa McBride‘s Carol and Lennie James‘ Morgan. You can check out those images, as well as the EW cover with Negan, right below, which sadly will barely take up any time between now and when Season 7 premieres.

The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres on AMC at 9 p.m. EST on October 23rd.

Here’s the new images from The Walking Dead Season 7 via EW:


Image via AMC


Image via AMC


Image via AMC


Image via AMC


Image via AMC


Image via AMC

Here’s the EW cover with Negan: