‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Trailer Teases the Fight Against Negan When the Series Returns

     December 12, 2016


So, how was your Sunday night? If you were watching the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead‘s seventh season, you’re probably a little emotionally damaged at this point. If you weren’t affected at all by what happened last night, I’d be a little concerned. It’s been a radical season for the horror-drama series, one in which many fans jumped ship for a variety of reasons. Some did not much approve with how Negan, played by a giddily diabolical Jeffrey Dean Morgan, opened the season with the brutal slaying of two of the show’s most beloved characters. Some didn’t think a show where a CGI tiger does the bidding of some dreadlocked fellow who speaks like King Arthur was worth their time.


Image via AMC

There was plenty of elements of Season 7 that required the audience to accept strange and unlikely happenings, though I can’t say I have much empathy for people who think that way about a show based on the concept of a freaking zombie apocalypse. Regardless, the series, which has laughably been cast off as repetitive by a contingency of viewers, has continued to recalibrate itself with each season, bringing in new perspectives and characters that feel lived-in and consistently compelling. The introduction of Negan itself was a complete 180 turn, depleting all of Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) power with one giant masterstroke.

And as one might imagine, the rest of the season will be dedicated to the surviving members of Alexandria, The Hilltop, and The Sanctuary working together to defeat Morgan’s cackling sadist and his Saviors. That’s at least what one can glean from the short teaser for the season’s second half, which you can take a look at below. The series returns in February to finish out its Season 7 run, and though I’m not looking forward to at least one major event that happens toward the end of January, the show can’t return quick enough for me.

Here’s the new trailer for The Walking Dead Season 7 mid-season return: