The Walking Dead Video Recap: ‘East’

     March 28, 2016


The Walking Dead recap show is back on Collider Video with hosts John Rocha, Kaori Takee, Quinn Marie and Josh Macuga. Episode 15 of season 6 “East” comes in hot as the group realizes that Carol has left and they need to get her back.


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Her exit leaves the group separated and without a plan, something in this world that is extremely dangerous. Carol, while driving a car fitted with long spears is stopped by a machine gun carrying truck full of rebels or saviors…whoever they are, they’re not good people. Carol knows this. She warns them. She kills them. Is Carol an assassin? Is she a female Punisher with a jacket sewn full of guns?

With Daryl on Motorcycle, Glenn, Michonne and Rosita in a van and Morgan and Rick in a Lincoln Town Car, the search for Carol hits a fever pitch when Rick and Morgan find the battle scene where Carol went Taxi Driver on them.

Glenn, Michonne and Rosita find Daryl’s bike where Denise was killed on the train tracks, knowing he’s tracking the survivors led by Dwight. He’s a man on a mission to get vengeance, but when the group splits, Glenn and Michonne walk into an obvious ambush. Their capture means the eventual meeting of Negan and the Saviors is imminent. How does this end without it being some strange execution? 

Morgan and Rick stumble on a farm with a possible savior and Morgan stops Rick from shooting the guy. Morgan then admits to his Wolf prisoner and sends Rick on his way to protect Alexandria. Like the Journey song says, I wish you luck, and that walkers and saviors alike wait on the other side of what lies ahead.


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Rick makes it back to Alexandria, but none of the group has made it back, because as we find out, while Daryl and Rosita try to ambush Dwight’s crew they’re obviously caught, Daryl is shot, but “he’ll be okay” or at least that’s what we’re told!?

Next week… the season finale… NEGAN. IS. HERE.

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Image via AMC