‘The Walking Dead’ Video Recap: “Last Day On Earth”

     April 4, 2016

the-walking-dead-negan-imageThe Walking Dead recap show is back on Collider Video with hosts John Rocha, Dennis Tzeng, Quinn Marie and Josh Macuga. Episode 16 of the season 6 finale entitled “Last Day On Earth” lives up to its ominous title.

Like the last chopper out of Saigon everyone is trying to salvage, gather, and protect what’s left. It would seem that Rick and Co. only have one option and that’s to do whatever it takes to save Maggie. But the Saviors, ironically, want nothing to do with that idea. Rick offers deals at every turn, but it would appear that nobody is into a deal and if they were, their negotiating skills resemble that of Tommy Callahan.


Image via AMC

Negan is everywhere. Roads are blocked. Groups of saviors are at every turn. It’s like the Van Damme classic, nowhere to run. Now it’s time to fight. Shoot. Kill. Even if it means breaking through a ‘red rover’ wall of Walkers and a Mohican gang of enemies guiding them towards the ultimate meeting of mayhem with Negan.

While what seems like impending doom for Rick and the venture to save Maggie, Carol and Morgan are running away from each other for no other reason than to prove themselves extremely annoying. Work together to save the world or end yourself.

“Gonna need you on your knees…” that’s gotta be the last day on earth talking right in your ear.

AND FINALLY we meet Negan and… and then… well… Lucille takes down who?

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