‘The Walking Dead’ Video Recap Show: It’s a Trap!

     February 29, 2016


The Walking Dead recap show is back on Collider Video with hosts John Rocha, Kaori Takee, Quinn Marie and Josh Macuga – here talking about Episode 11 of Season 6, “Knots Unite.” The recap panel talks about the most popular show on TV every Sunday, making you believe in the new world that lives within the rules of the New Rick Order inside Alexandria.

The episode starts with that moment when you get caught hooking up at that high school party by everyone – but nobody cares because the new kid in town brought the beer. “Your world just got a whole lot bigger.”


Image via AMC

The bigger world seems to be a trap as the group encounters an office building full of walkers along with a group of people associated with Jesus’ crew. Jesus is the newest member of the team and everyone our group runs into are the type of people this world needs. But can we trust them?

Jesus takes everyone to his ‘Hilltop’ community looking to possibly be our Governor 2.0. However, we have yet to see anything worrisome by Jesus, other than he’s a close talker.

The Hilltop colony proves there is something obviously fishy and creepy, but also weirdly utopian…

And just when you thought the colony was seemingly on the right path… in comes the group paying their respects to Negan and then – BLOOD EVERYWHERE. However, amongst all the blood we realize that Negan is the mafia of this new world for which we are currently living. Rick, Daryl and Michonne take on the idea to kill Negan and his company for the future of their world.

On his death bed, Gregory, the leader of Jesus’ colony, brings Maggie in to negotiate what should be the future between Rick and their new friends proving that Maggie is, in fact, the Margaret Thatcher of the Zombie Apocalypse. And now begins the journey to end the reign of Negan… But how will this happen? The redemption starts NOW.

The Walking Dead recap show is hosted by John Rocha, Kaori Takee, Quinn Marie and Josh Macuga. They are here on Collider Video every week talking, answering your questions and most importantly entertaining all of you The Walking Dead fans. Thank you for watching! #ColliderWalkingDead


Image via AMC