The Walking Dead Video Recap: ‘The Same Boat’

     March 14, 2016


The Walking Dead recap show is back on Collider Video with hosts John Rocha, Kaori Takee, Quinn Marie, and Josh Macuga – talking about Episode 12 of Season 6, “The Same Boat.”


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For the first time in what seems like two seasons, Carol has gotten herself into trouble instead of being the one that ended the trouble. In a twist of beautiful direction, we see what it’s like under the hood of a kidnapping victim and how important it is to listen to what your captors are doing. Maggie and Carol, are stuck between a rock and a hard place and all the other cliche sayings you can imagine.

A group of saviors, helmed by a vicious redhead named Polly, take Carol and Maggie to what’s described as a safe house; which just seems to be a dungeon that is no longer used by the cast of Saw. In a fight or flight moment created by the soon to be one armed savior, Maggie goes full Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando and tries to get them out of the cage. But it doesn’t work.

Polly may or may not be the most villainous woman we’ve seen thus far and that’s saying a lot. But she is not the most intelligent, because she plays right into Carol’s hands; because nobody outsmarts the real housewife of Alexandria, Queen C.


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What’s worse than making Carol angry and pinning her in a corner? Pinning her AND Maggie in a corner. While trying to prepare for an exit, Polly takes her eye off the two prisoners and the mistake leads to what can only be called the all female Alexandria Gladiators edition. “You should have run…” because if not, you either get shot in the head, get bit in the face and stabbed through the chest or burned alive.

Carol and Maggie leave the saviors burning in the safe house, thinking that Negan is dead, but in the ultimate ‘savior’ type of move, they all admit to being Negan, while Negan remains in his ivory tower. But where is he? When will he show his ugly head? Has the killing finally got to Carol and Maggie? Is the loss of humanization in this new world going to be the ultimate downfall of Rick and Co.? We are traveling down a path toward an ugly purgatory.

The Walking Dead recap show is hosted by John Rocha, Kaori Takee, Quinn Marie and Josh Macuga. They are here on Collider Videos every week talking, answering your questions and most importantly entertaining all of you The Walking Dead fans. Thank you for watching! #ColliderWalkingDead


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