The Walking Dead Video Recap: ‘Twice As Far’

     March 21, 2016


The Walking Dead recap show is back on Collider Video with hosts John Rocha, Kaori Takee, Quinn Marie, and Josh Macuga – talking about Episode 14 from Season 6, “Twice As Far.”


Image via AMC

The ominous morning routine of Alexandria appears to be dividing the town. Relationships are starting and ending, all while Morgan builds a jail for the people they supposedly don’t kill.

Carol is finally showing some vulnerability and not even Daryl can console her. What Daryl can do is be the stubborn guy while on a mission with Rosita and Denise in search of a strip mall apothecary that may or may not have medication.

Meanwhile, Abraham and Eugene are on a mystery journey that turns out to be an idea by Eugene to manufacture bullets for the survival of the group. Then Eugene gets cocky and lets Abraham know he’s no longer needed – for protection or for just about everything. Eugene asked for the bull, now the horns don’t seem far behind.


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The horns are in fact the group from the burned forest who, while Denise starts going into why she wanted to kill the walker, gets a crossbow arrow to the head. Eugene brought them to the tracks because he got so cocky that we know why Daryl refuses to use the tracks. Dwight and a group of about 10 guys with guns show up to ruin the day, which they do, but not before Dwight’s testicles get lock jawed by Eugene. Abraham basically saves the day while Daryl and Rosita shoot their way to freedom… for now.

As the episode winds down… we realize Carol has finally broke and left Alexandria. Is she gone for good this time? Will Carol drive the group to madness? The peace they’ve been searching for now seems to be a pipe dream.

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Image via AMC