Exclusive ‘The Wave’ Clip: Town of Geiranger is on Red Alert in Norwegian Disaster Movie

     March 4, 2016


In the mood for a blockbuster-style destruction film but would rather not see London Has Fallen? You’re in luck because there’s a great option hitting select theaters and VOD on March 4th, the Norwegian disaster film, The Wave. The movie is set in a small tourist town located right near an unstable mountain that could collapse and spark a massive tidal wave at any moment. The town’s only hope is Kristian (Kristoffer Joner), a geologist who insists that something isn’t right despite his colleagues’ apprehension about sounding the alarm.

We have the good fortune to debut a clip from the film that shows what happens when Kristian acquires the data to finally prove his theory true. Trouble is, at that point, they’ve only got mere minutes to react before the wave rolls in. If you missed my review of The Wave from TIFF, I absolutely loved it and think it’s above and beyond any disaster movie that’s come out of Hollywood in recent years. Check out our clip from the movie below and be sure to catch it in full on March 4th.

Here’s the official synopsis for The Wave:

The experienced geologist Kristian Eikfjord has accepted a job offer out of town. He is getting ready to move from the city of Geiranger with his family when he and his colleagues measure small geological changes in the underground. Kristian gets worried, and his worst nightmare is about to come true when the alarm goes off and the disaster is inevitable. With less than 10 minutes to react, it becomes a race against time to save as many as possible, including his own family.


Image via Magnolia


Image via Magnolia


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