‘The West Wing’ Reunion Trailer Brings the Entire Cast Together to Perform a Classic Episode

     October 8, 2020

The West Wing reunion trailer is here, and folks, it doesn’t disappoint. While the cast of the critically acclaimed NBC drama series has come together over the years for interviews and photoshoots and even little shorts, this is the most substantial West Wing reunion yet, as the entire main cast (minus the late John Spencer) reassembled on a stage to perform the Season 3 episode “Hartsfield’s Landing.” Even executive producer and director Thomas Schlamme came back to direct the whole thing, and of course Aaron Sorkin was there.

In the trailer below you can see the super smart-looking footage that was captured during this pandemic, and I gotta say as a hardcore West Wing fan it warms my heart to see Martin Sheen and Richard Schiff sitting in front of a chess board again. Indeed, even Rob Lowe made it to this reunion, which also features Dulé Hill, Allison Janney, Janel Moloney, and Bradley Whitford. Sterling K. Brown steps in to fill the role of Leo, which was played by John Spencer in the series.

The reunion isn’t simply a vanity project. It’s a benefit to raise awareness for and support the mission of When We All Vote, a non-profit nonpartisan organization co-chaired by Michelle Obaman, which was founded to increase participation in every American election. To that end, Obama makes a special appearance in the West Wing reunion as does President Bill Clinton, Samuel L. Jackson, Elisabeth Moss and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

So check out the West Wing Reunion trailer below. The special premieres exclusively on HBO Max (a genuinely great streaming service!) on October 15th.


Image via HBO Max


Image via HBO Max


Image via HBO Max