‘The White Princess’ EP Emma Frost on Heroes, Beheadings, & the Emotional Finale

     June 4, 2017


Starz’s emotionally complex and morally complicated limited series The White Princess has finished, and my lingering thought is just why isn’t there more?! The final episode left us with Lizzie (Jodie Comer) fully embracing her Tudor future with her husband, King Henry VII (Jacob Collins-Levy) and their sons. Putting aside the potential curse that she and her mother laid, she had her brother, “The Boy” (Patrick Gibson) put to death alongside her cousin in order to quell any possibility of rebellion. In those very last moments, we see Lady Margaret (Michelle Fairley) lean over and try and equate Lizzie’s actions with her own, where she is met with a resounding, “STEP. BACK.”

The White Princess was a sublime follow-up to The White Queen, diving deep into the very real and relatable emotions at the heart of such an unbelievably cruel time as The Wars of the Roses. The show also ramps up the emotional stakes by taking such a firm stance about The Boy being who he claims to be, and even knowing the history, the trajectory of the last few episodes feels very much like he will prevail. To then have it be Lizzie who so coldly oversees his execution in the 11th hour to secure the Tudor throne … Game of Thrones wishes it could create that ruthless of a moment.