THE WHITE RIBBON International Trailer

     September 6, 2009

The White Ribbon  movie image - slice.jpg

A new international trailer for “The White Ribbon,” the new film by Michael Haneke (“Funny Games”) that walked away with a handful of accolades this year at Cannes, has just been released. The film seems to follow a series of strange events that haunt a rural school in Germany in 1913 that has some connection with the birth of fascism. The feature’s in black and white, and from the trailer alone, you can see how it employs some really eerie chiaroscuro. Check it out after the jump.

Screen Daily’s Michael Goodridge called the film “a meticulously constructed, precisely modulated tapestry of malice and intrigue…[and] a rich, detailed work pregnant with the sinister undertones and evil deeds for which the film-maker’s work is legendary.”

Peter Brunette from The Hollywood Reporter said, “It’s a superb cinematic work and an appropriately serious one.”

“The White Ribbon” opens in limited release this December.

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