Chuck Hogan Scripting Crime Drama About the Winter Hill Gang for Producer Graham King

     October 18, 2010


Chuck Hogan is a busy man these days. His bestselling novel Prince of Thieves was recently adapted into the Charlestown crime drama The Town. Hogan is set to revisit Boston with a crime drama that centers on the Winter Hill Gang and enforcer John Martorano.  Graham King and Tim Headington (The Town) will produce. King is best known for his work with Martin Scorsese, particularly the crime drama that won them a Best Picture Oscar: The Departed. Hit the jump for more details on the film and what Hogan and Guillermo del Toro are working on.

According to Deadline, the plot will revolve around the Winter Hill Gang — run by James “Whitey” Bulger — and the legal case that exposed the ties between the mob and the corrupt Boston FBI office. The gang’s enforcer, Martorano, was a key witness in the trial. GK Films acquired the rights after his 14-year stint in jail for murder. Interestingly enough, the FBI was central to The Town. Graham is also familiar with corruption, a theme of The Departed. No director is attached yet, but Boston is the setting for both of Ben Affleck’s current films: would he take on that setting again? Might King work his relationship with Scorsese?

Meanwhile, Hogan is also co-writing a best selling vampire trilogy with del Toro. The first of the horror novels, The Strain, was a rousing read — full of energy and some truly nasty vampires — that also delved into the mindset of someone being turned by the vampire virus. They followed up that 2009 hit with The Fall, and the duo are working on the third and final novel, The Night Eternal, set for publication in 2011. The series is ripe for a TV or film adaptation, and they will look to explore that avenue once the final book lands.


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