HBO Revisits Classic Series with Excellent New Trailers for ‘The Wire’, ‘Deadwood’, and More

     April 20, 2017


Back in the mid-2000s, it was really hard to catch up with HBO shows. Streaming services hadn’t really emerged, and if you wanted them on DVD, it would cost you about $100 per season, which is already crazy steep when you consider that a typical HBO drama runs 10-13 episodes.

Thankfully, the landscape today is very different, and classic HBO shows are available not only on HBO Go and HBO Now but also on Amazon Prime. You’ve probably heard by now that you need to see The Wire, Deadwood, and Six Feet Under, but you haven’t gotten around to giving them a shot. Thankfully, HBO has released new trailers for each of these shows, and hopefully they’ll convince you to finally take the time out to watch them. It will be interesting to see if HBO continues to cut new trailers for some of its other older shows like The Sopranos, Carnivale, and Big Love (although watching Carnivale is a gut-wrenching experience because it got so damn good in season two, and then it was canceled with loads of mythology left to go).

I will say from personal experience that while you could technically “binge” these series, you’ll probably want to give them some room to breathe, especially The Wire. It’s a show that’s far more effective if you watch one or two episodes at a time and then take a break even though each season follows a particular aspect of Baltimore (season 1 is the drug trade, season 2 is the docks, season 3 is politics, season 4 is schools, and season 5 is the newspaper). As for Deadwood, the show starts a little slow, but it’s pretty much perfect by the time it hits season two. And for Six Feet Under, I bailed after two seasons, but maybe you’ll find it more interesting.

Check out the new trailers below, and click here for Allison’s ranking of every single HBO drama series.