‘The Witcher’ Meets ‘Friends’ in the Opening Credits Sequence You Didn’t Know You Needed

     January 7, 2020

One of the things that Netflix’s The Witcher lacks is a robust, good-time-havin’ opening credits theme song. That’s been fixed by someone who’s created an opening credits sequence for the fantasy series using the classic NBC sitcom Friends as a framework. The result? A masterpiece.

The Netflix fantasy actioner has been building buzz ever since it was released just before the holidays, and since Netflix doesn’t exactly release a ton of viewership data, “buzz” and virality on social media is kind of all we have to gauge whether a Netflix series is really popular or not. But between various “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” memes and now this credits sequence, I think it’s safe to say The Witcher is a hit.

Which is great, because the show is a total blast. It’s a series that knows exactly what it is, and leans into the sillier aspects of the fantasy lore. Henry Cavill’s line delivery of the word “f*ck” alone is worth checking this show out. But beyond that it’s just an incredibly addicting show and a ton of fun to watch.

So with that in mind, check out the Friends version of The Witcher opening credits below. And for more on the series, check out our breakdown of the timelines and what to expect from Season 2.