Hugh Jackman Talks THE WOLVERINE, the Bullet Train Sequence, Viper, and the Film’s X-MEN Cameo

     March 28, 2013


After a couple of days of teasing (literally), we finally got our first good look at director James Mangold’s sequel The Wolverine yesterday by way of a debut domestic trailer and an international trailer.  Though both trailers offered up different bits of footage, it’s absolutely clear that Mangold and star Hugh Jackman are ramping up the level of intensity for the character this time around.  Jackman recently talked a bit about some of the more interesting aspects of the trailer, addressing the Viper character, that crazy-looking bullet train sequence, and how the cameo from a familiar X-Men character fits into the film’s story.  Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

the-wolverine-hugh-jackman-bloody-clawsWe only got a brief glimpse of the character Viper in the two trailers, but during an interview with MTV News, Jackman talked a bit about star Svetlana Khodchenkova’s intimidating performance:

“Viper is a badass, for someone who plays Wolverine, who is pretty badass. … She’s not your girl next door. You’re going to end up kind of loving every minute she has on screen.”

The action centerpiece of both trailers is a scene in which Wolverine is seen fighting atop a bullet train that appears to be moving quite swiftly.  Jackman talked about the experience of filming the sequence:

“It is insane. It was insane to shoot it. It was, again, one of those brilliant ideas. One of the most emblematic things about Japan is the bullet train. I can’t go on the bullet train without any incident. It was hairy, shooting that stuff. To re-create what that is like, the kind of winds at 300 miles per hour, let me just say, looking back at some of the footage, I thought, ‘It’s time for a facelift.’ “

the-wolverine-hugh-jackmanFinally, Fox decided to go ahead and reveal the long-rumored cameo of Famke Janssen’s Jean Grey in the film’s trailers, so Jackman addressed how the character fits into the story:

“There’s no doubt that the most important relationship in his life is — we’ve seen through the movies — is his relationship with Jean Grey. Yes, we saw her die at the end of X-Men: The Last Stand, but in this movie, she has a presence, which I think is vital to the movie, particularly for him confronting the most difficult thing within himself.”

So it sounds a bit like Grey will be more of an apparition or subconscious manifestation rather than a fully fleshed-out character in the film.  Watch Jackman’s interview with MTV below.  The Wolverine opens in 3D on July 26th.


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