See ‘The World According to Jeff Goldblum’ in the First Trailer for NatGeo’s Disney+ Series

     August 23, 2019

Jeff Goldblum wants to take you on a tour of some of his favorite topics in the world. That’s it, that’s the show. Disney revealed the first trailer for The World According to Jeff Goldblum during their panel at D23, and while the logline reads only, “See the world through his eyes,” the personality-centric series takes Goldblum on a journey of learning as he tackles topics that include everything from RVs to bicycles, ice cream, swimming pools, and tattoos (though the actor definitely wasn’t fessing up to any tattoos of his own at the panel.)

The 12-episode series will debut on Disney+ on November 12, day of launch, and finds Goldblum teaming with NatGeo to film his experiences with learning about all kinds of new subjects. You can get a taste of what I’m talking about in the first-look trailer below.

“The premise of the show is, because it’s the world according to Jeff Goldblum, it’s me with all the information and experience that my life has entailed up ’til this point now, plopping me I go the world of exploration of one thing or another,” Goldblum said during the panel. “It’s not as if I do some extra homework/research/bone up on it so that I tend to know something about it and then tell you about it. No, it’s not like that.” Instead, Goldblum walks in relatively blind and learns along with the audience from a variety of professionals.

That includes stopping by a tattoo parlor on a day dedicated solely to Goldblum-themed tattoos, attending a sneaker convention, and interviewing ice cream auteurs Ben and Jerry themselves to try out their iconic flavors for the first time (how he’s never had Cherry Garcia, I’ll never know, but that’s the lifestyle of the rich and famous for you!)

“I have whatever associations I have or past experiences with it, and that’s it,” Goldblum explained, “and then I kind of encounter interesting people around these subjects and you see me, you go along with me, if you’re so inclined, and we have this experience together.” He continued, “It’s all a surprise to me. I don’t even meet the people, see the places, before they turn on the camera. It’s all me kind of like a chick popping out of its shell.”

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