Watch: Chilling Opening Scene from ‘Thelma’ Teases a Horrifying Hunt

     November 26, 2017


The Orchard has released online the chilling opening scene from the critically acclaimed film Thelma. Directed and co-written by Joachim Trier (Oslo, August 13th), the Orchard film stars Eili Harboe as the titular shy young student who leaves her religious family behind to study at a university in Oslo. Once she arrives, she experiences an unexpected seizure that hints at darker underpinnings and triggers an intense attraction towards a fellow student, Anja, a beautiful young woman who reciprocates Thelma’s attraction. But the seizures intensify and Thelma discovers she might just have some kind of supernatural power.

This pre-title opening sequence of the film is essentially Thelma’s origin story, as we see her out hunting with her father in the snow. This isn’t your typical hunt, however, and as the clip progresses…well you’ll see.

Check out Thelma clip below, click here to read Haleigh’s review, and click here to check out Haleigh’s interview with Trier. The film also stars Okay Kaya, Henrik Rafaelsen, and Ellen Dorrit Peterson and is currently playing in Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago.

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