These Posters KICK-ASS When Put Together to Spell Out “KICK-ASS” – UPDATED: Official Site Online, Trailer Next Week

     November 5, 2009


Posters which need to be grouped together to achieve their full effect kind of bug me.  Look at these, the first four posters to promote Matthew Vaughn’s “Kick-Ass”, arguably the biggest breakout of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.  I’m glad that the marketing campaign for the film has begun but will theaters devote this kind of space to four posters which leave out the actor’s names in favor of the character and their alter-ego?  I hope so because this movie needs to be on folks’ radar and I’m not sure if a poster saying “Mindy Macready Is Hit-Girl” with a purple-haired gal standing in front of “-A” will turn heads.  On second though, it might.  Just forget everything I said.  However, if you do see all four posters together in a theater and they’re out of order, please send us a photo.

Check out all four posters after the jump.  “Kick-Ass” is slated to hit theaters on April 16, 2010. [UPDATE: The official website is now online.  You’ll see at the bottom  of the site that the trailer is set to debut online next Sunday at midnight.]

The posters come courtesy of IGN.  That’s why their logo is stamped in the lower right-hand corner of each poster.





For those just tuning in, here’s a brief synopsis:

Dave Lizewski doesn’t have superpowers, isn’t particularly strong or smart, and isn’t extraordinary in any way… aside from his desire to be a hero. Donning a scuba suit, a ski mask, and a pair of clubs, Dave hits the underworld hard in his new persona of Kick-Ass. Though not as hard — at first anyway — as they hit him when he’s severely beaten and hospitalized as a result of his first street fight. No one said being a hero was going to be easy…

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