Here’s a New Song from Thom Yorke’s ‘Suspiria’ Score

     October 4, 2018


If you caught my review out of Fantastic Fest, you know that I had a moment with Suspiria. Beautiful, bold, and bound to be one of the more divisive films of the year, Luca Guadagnino‘s remake of the iconic 1977 horror classic couldn’t be more different from the original, but that doesn’t mean it packs any less of a punch. And as you might imagine, in a film centered on a coven of witches at a dance academy, the soundtrack is pretty damn important.

Fortunately, Guadagnino turned to Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke for the job and he knocked out of the park with an ambient score that ranges from chilling to emotional, without becoming too showy. You’ll hear some classic Thom Yorke vibes on some of the songs, including the previously released track ‘Suspirium’, but more often, Yorke creates transporting, hypnotizing tracks like the newly released ‘Has Ended’. And wait ’til you see (and hear) how some of his tracks play with the stunning choreography and cinematography during the film’s climactic bits. It might be actual witchcraft.

Yorke makes his film scoring debut with his work on Suspiria, which couldn’t be further from the percussive prog rock stylings from the original Suspiria soundtrack by Goblin, and which couldn’t be any better suited to Guadagnino’s spellbinding film. Check out the latest track below. Suspiria (Music for the Luca Guadagnino Film) arrives timed to the theatrical release on on October 26th. Yorke also plans to perform a live tour.

Suspiria stars Dakota JohnsonMia GothTilda SwintonChloe Grace Moretz, and includes a cameo from original star Jessica Harper. The film hits theaters in Los Angeles and New York on October 26, before expanding wide on November 2. Here is the official synopsis:

As a darkness builds at the center of a world-renown dance company, its artistic director (Swinton), a young American new to the troupe (Johnson), and a grieving psychotherapist (Ebersdorf) become entangled in a bloody, sighing nightmare.

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