Thomas Haden Church, James Purefoy, and Mark Strong Join JOHN CARTER OF MARS

     September 29, 2009

Thomas Haden Church, James Purefoy, and Mark Strong JOHN CARTER OF MARS.jpg

While we knew back in June that Thomas Haden Church was joining the cast of Andrew Stanton’s “John Carter of Mars” although Church didn’t reveal what role he’d be playing.  Today, we not only have confirmation that Church is in the flick, but we now know the role.  We also know that he’ll be joined by James Purefoy and Mark Strong.  Hit the jump for details.

For those just tuning in, “John Carter of Mars” is based off the book series by Edgar Rice Burroughs.  Taylor Kitsch is set to play John Carter, a Civil War soldier who is transported off the battlefield to Mars where he becomes entangled with the Civil War happening on that planet.  So other than the whole planet thing, it’s really not that big of an adjustment.

According to Heat Vision Blog, Church will play Tal Hajus, “an ambitious and vicious Thark warrior who is biding his time to be a ruler.”  This is a good fit because Church looks like a Tal Hajus.  I’m not talking about the character in Edgar Rice Burroughs novel.  I’m saying in general.

Purefoy is set to play Kantos Kan, “the captain of the Xavarian, the kingdom of Helium’s grand warship.”  Strong plays Matai Shang, ruler of the Thems with godlike status.  I don’t see Strong as a Matai Shang, but I definitely see the “godlike status” part.

IMDb currently has the film aiming for a 2012 release so I imagine Stanton is planning to shoot on location.*

*I kid because I love.  Seriously, I’m bummed we’re going to have to wait three years for this.

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