Thomas Mann on His New Netflix Movie and the “Bad & Boujee” Love on Set

     September 19, 2018

Thomas Mann has kept very busy ever since appearing in It’s King of a Funny Story back in 2010 and then really making waves in 2012 when he headlined Project X. Mann’s been filling his resume with a well-rounded assortment of big, studio blockbusters like Beautiful Creatures and Kong: Skull Island, and also smaller, independent films, a personal favorite being Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.

Now Mann is back on the festival circuit with a new Netflix movie, The Land of Steady Habits directed by Nicole Holofcener. It stars Ben Mendelsohn as Anders Hill, a man who leaves his wife, family and job behind in search of some excitement and freedom. However, when he gets it, it’s not as satisfying as he had hoped and he winds up lost and questioning who he is as a person, and also specifically as a father. Mann steps in as Anders’ son, Preston, a character who’s also having a tough time figuring out where he fits in and what he hopes to accomplish next.


Image via Netflix

While at the Toronto International Film Festival for the world premiere of the movie, I got the chance to have an extended chat with Mann about The Land of Steady Habits, working with Mendelsohn, their shared love of hip hop, what he likes to watch on Netflix, and so much more. You can catch it all in the video at the top of this article. There’s also a breakdown of everything discussed below.

The Land of Steady Habits also stars Edie Falco, Charlie TahanConnie BrittonBill Camp, and Elizabeth Marvel. The film is available to watch on Netflix right now.

Thomas Mann:

  • Mann talks about his TIFF experience and one of the best things about being in Toronto.
  • What it’s like going on press tours for big blockbusters and small independent films.
  • Would he rather have one movie come out every five years or five movies come out in one year?
  • Shooting The Land of Steady Habits in Westchester.
  • How they get those family photos you see in homes in movies.
  • Which film of his has his family responded to the strongest?
  • There’s still a lot of Project X love out there.
  • Working with Ben Mendelsohn.
  • What happens when he works with someone who isn’t as warm and kind as Mendelsohn?
  • Working with Nicole Holofcener and creating the very believable family dynamic.
  • What does Mann have in hand when he gets to set?
  • What it was like making a movie with Netflix?
  • Does Mann have any desire to get behind the lens himself?
  • What section of Netflix does Mann go to first?
  • On his love of The Great British Baking Show.

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