The Power of Mjolnir Frame by Frame in Marvel’s THOR Movie

     December 16, 2010

While every movie trailer features CGI that is not yet done, I thought it might be cool to take a closer look at the power of Mjolnir (his hammer) in Marvel’s upcoming Thor movie.  If you’re a fan of Thor, you know how important Mjolnir is and you also know that almost  every poster and comic book cover features the two of them together.  It’s like Tony Stark with his armor, and Wolverine with his claws.  When you think of Thor, you can’t help but think of Mjolnir.

Anyway, while you can check out where Mjolnir comes from in the comics here, all you really need to know is Mjolnir is a very powerful weapon and in the Thor movie, Mjolnir is a major plot device and something that can do some serious damage.  How serious?  Hit the jump and see for yourself…frame-by-frame.

Again, try and remember these effects are all temporary.  Saying that, I think the sequence looks pretty cool and you can definitely see that when Thor uses Mjolnir, watch out.

Finally, to see this in full motion, watch the Thor trailer here.  And here are links to all of the Thor set visit coverage we ran last week :


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